Carefully selected Japanese black beef to taste at a yakiniku restaurant near Tsutenkaku

Providing fresh hormones, halami, beef tongue, etc.

At the yakiniku restaurant, a slice of beef, which is a 1-minute walk from Tsutenkaku, you can enjoy carefully selected domestic Japanese black beef. The name of the store is taken from the initials and is known as asobeef, but this store name implies that you should eat a piece of meat slowly. Bake each one carefully and enjoy your meal time slowly. The point that we are particular about is that we offer the freshest and most delicious meat of the day from domestic brand beef such as those from Yamagata, Tottori, and Kagoshima. Hormones, harami, beef tongue, loin, etc. Please enjoy the meat that is particular about freshness and quality.


Enjoy domestic black beef from Tsutenkaku yakiniku restaurant

Carefully selected the freshest Japanese black beef nationwide


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Various types such as beer, shochu high cocktail, etc.


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Easy access with a 2-minute walk from Ebisucho Station


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a slice of BEEF

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Osaka Prefecture Osaka City Naniwa-ku Ebisu Higashi 1-1-15-1

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岡田 一真




A slice of beef offers high quality Japanese black beef to customers visiting the area around Tsutenkaku as a yakiniku restaurant. Open for lunch and dinner. The lunch menu includes a top loin set meal, a hormonal set meal, and a harami bowl, so you can easily enjoy high-quality beef. During dinner time, there is also a great course menu available.

About us

Opening a domestic brand beef yakiniku restaurant near Tsutenkaku

It is popular as a yakiniku restaurant specializing in Japanese black beef right next to Tsutenkaku.

Located in the Shinsegae area of Osaka, we have shops in popular sightseeing spots. We specialize in providing Japanese black beef and have branded beef from all over the country. We will use the freshest and most delicious meat of the day, so you can always enjoy high quality meat. The parts include fresh hormones, halami, loin, beef tongue, and ribs. We also handle the higher-grade parts of high-quality domestic brand beef, so it is very popular as "because the sardines are beautiful and soft". As you can see in the store name, I hope you can enjoy the meat slowly and piece by piece. There are Morioka cold noodles in addition to meat, so please try it with meat.
When you step inside the store, the first thing that comes to your attention is the open kitchen. The friendly staff will provide meat and food while talking to you. The bright and fashionable interior based on white is also appreciated by female customers. It is easy for women such as girls 'associations to use, and it is an atmosphere that suits couples and couples' important days such as dates and anniversaries. Please feel free to come.

A slice of beef for a yakiniku restaurant that is a 1-minute walk from Tsutenkaku

A 2-minute walk from the nearest station, Ebisucho Station (Exit 3), on the Osaka Metro Sakaisuji Line, it is conveniently located. It's easy to reach from various routes, such as a 7-minute walk from Zoomae Station on the Osaka Metro Midosuji Line (Exit 5) and an 8-minute walk from Imamiya Ebisu Station on the Nankai Koya Line (Rinkan Sun Line). The name of the store is taken from the initials and is known by the abbreviation asobeef, but the origin of the store name is the idea of eating slowly, one by one.
Since opening in September 2017, many customers have come to this shop as a store that specializes in Japanese brand beef from Japan. We aim to be a place where not only local customers but also tourists and business travelers can enjoy. The store is located in the downtown area and Shinsegae area of Osaka and features a black latticed exterior. The Shinsegae area is a famous tourist destination as a "city of eating", and in the surrounding area you can feel a retro atmosphere full of downtown atmosphere. It is within walking distance of Osaka's landmarks and tourist spots, so be sure to come and visit while sightseeing.